Sunday, September 23, 2012


He never knew how much you loved him
as you constantly placed him aside
like the last of the action figures
cycled on down
to the last box of toys you got rid of before you officially became an adult
You let him go
because his paint was chipped and his smile was no longer white
because others came along
because he was the one who sat in the second row
but to you he was the one who was always there
he was as constant as the air
he was a compass for your care
he was the cornerstone who stayed in the same place
but never knew how truly important he was
Because we live in a world of mouths shut
Filters never come into play unless we're shot-gunning negative slander
Our sentences could be so much grander if each word was meant to love each second
if we didn't waste our time speaking pennies
we could be shouting millions
we could be rich in billions
we could be golden in every corner and crevice
we could be diamond clear and sapphire blue
but when was the last time you said I love you?
How are people supposed to know when you don't tell them
when you sit in solemn silence
with assumptions that stab with each lack of mention
the heart doesn't assume that blood will just flow
because it's always done that, it should just know
because without it, it stops with nowhere to go
and then you're left with a grey veined side show
because we'd all be sleeping with cement headboards
if our hearts assumed the way we do
Just because you're smiling doesn't mean it's true
because inside you could be facing never-ending conflict; Iraq
You could be thinking that since everything is silent
we've all turned our backs
You could be hiding away paths you wrote yourself up your arms, your tracks
and we'd never know because
we are silent
we are silent
we are silent
in the severe and solemn
we are silent
when we should be shouting
each heart should be crowding
and love shouldn't be doubting
We should be screaming value
not hatred
because the person next to you should know that they're loved even when they screw up
that you've never met the end
that there's always another chance
shut the silence
shout your heart
shout your love
shout what you are
and never leave someone on a shelf
because without the love of another where is our wealth
we are rags
and yet
we are silent
because we're too afraid
of what it's like to be rich
we are silent
and suddenly more hearts assume their right not to beat
more minds assume the right not to speak
more silence
as we silently weep
for the boy in the back
whose smile lit up the world
and was turned off so abruptly
because no one ever told him that we can't see without him
that the darkness is overwhelming
that he saved us
yet we are still silent
because no one taught us how to speak.


  1. I am very jealous of your poetic talent. :) You're poetry is awesome as it is and you've got a lot of great potential.

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